Why Modular?

Factory manufacture means no delays due to on-site conditions like weather, ensuring a more dependable build programme. Factory conditions also ensure a higher quality product, workers operate in a comfortable environment where modules can be closely monitored throughout the construction process.

Waste, and subsequently cost, is minimised. Material supplies are easier to control and virtually all waste is recycled. Manufacture of the modules can begin while foundations and other preparations are made on site, significantly speeding up the build process.

Delivery and installation of modules is fast and efficient, reducing the impact of construction on the site. Modular buildings are easier to expand and can be relocated in the future.


Nothing is more important than children’s education. That’s why for over 35 years, McVey Building Systems has been providing high quality modular classrooms to suit the needs of countless schools.

Health Care

McVey Building Systems understands that the building needs of healthcare professionals are rigorous and challenging. Hospital design, including complex clinical and research accommodation can be testing in both design and implementation.


Whether expanding, relocating or restructuring, a modular office from McVey Building Systems gives you the flexibility to adapt, survive and thrive.


No matter what their purpose our CTX buildings can fulfil your requirements perfectly and offer a variety of design options.

Jackleg Accommodation

McVey Building Systems’ Jackleg range are timber-framed and plastisol-clad, with steel external support legs (jack legs) to allow for levelling on uneven surfaces.


Our design and build precision engineered homes are built in a factory environment which significantly improves timescales for build and directly results in consistency of quality product.
Offsite production methods will relieve the pressures traditional builders are under to fulfil the housing needs throughout Ireland and the UK.

Used Buildings

McVey Building Systems supply great value second-hand modular buildings. They are often a faster, more cost-effective solution than permanent structures as layouts and conditions are frequently suitable for next usage.