Jackleg Accommodation

McVey Building Systems’ Jackleg range are timber-framed and plastisol-clad, with steel external support legs (jack legs) to allow for levelling on uneven surfaces.


Standard units, in Goosewing grey, are 10ft wide and come in a range of lengths up to 48ft but only units up to 24ft long are available immediately from stock. For urgent requirements, these offer the best value and fastest delivery.


All include features such as steel composite door kits, UPVC windows, vinyl flooring, EPS insulation, electric heating and LED strip lights.


You also have more choice in terms of size, up to 48ft long and widths from 6ft-14ft, 24 colours, size, number and position of doors and windows and how you want to use the space, such as toilets, showers, welfare facilities, office and meeting rooms or combinations of these. A range of extras is also available as we can add whatever you need to meet your requirements.


Cabins can be installed on-site in just one day which can be used for a range of applications. We offer both sale and rental options to all our clients.


For bespoke design requirements, please send us a detailed specification, rough sketch or your own CAD drawings to – [email protected]